Room 101

Just need to vent about my pet peeves and consign them to room 101 - a fate worse than death (from the novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four')...

1) Misuse of you're and your
It is really not rocket science people! The apostrophe in 'you're' exists to replace the missing letter 'a' - which means that it is only used when you mean to say 'you are'. The word 'your' pertains to possession/belonging to. The same frustration applies to the ridiculously badly misunderstood notions of 'their', 'there' and 'they're'. (possession, placement and they are). Ok lecture over ;)

2) Bad customer service
There is never, ever an excuse for bad customer service. So I go into a shop to find something, ask the nearest assistant for some assistance (funny that - even their job title suggests the are supposed to be helpful). Invariably (and some shops are worse than others) the response I receive usually involves a complete lack of eye contact, failure to stop what they are doing and a caveman-like grunt with a flicker of the eye. Which, roughly interpreted, means 'dunno, I'm thick and failed my GCSES, I don't give a sh*t about this job, I can't wait to get out of here and get bladdered tonight and you can search for it yourself you annoying woman'.

It is beyond me why people would treat customers like a piece of doggy do do when the whole purpose of their existence revolves around the customer. I'm afraid the older I get the more fearless and assertive I become in a bad customer service situation - much to the embarrassment of my husband who would prefer me to keep my mouth shut sometimes (sorry babe).

3) Overtly healthy people
People that constantly tweet about how fit and healthy they are; how many thousand miles they have jogged before breakfast, how many sit-ups they do daily and their breakfast of super sick green smoothie with linseeds and goji berries. The guilty ones among you know who you are! Now if I am honest it probably does my head in because I wish I could be more like them - but that's entirely beside the point.

4) In-car nose picking - yuck!!!
I'm a realist - I do appreciate that everyone has to clear their nose sometimes - even laaadies like me - but being in a car does not make you invisible! It makes me wonder whether the resulting little green friend is going on the edge of the chair, on the floor or in your mouth (gipping as I type). If you absolutely have to do it while driving at least do it with a tissue!

Having a giggle to myself. I have just been sifting through a google list of top 50 pet peeves and realised that I am guilty of quite a few of them. I confess I don't always use a coaster for my hot drinks - an envelope or book usually does the trick. I am one of those annoying people that likes to sit and people watch. I laugh out loud at nothing in particular just because something has struck me as funny and I am definitely a woman over 30 who acts younger than she really is.

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