What Women Want

Alright, what special needs mums want.

  • Guys, take your head out of the sand. Say the word 'special needs' out loud ten times. cry if you need to but please don't pretend it isn't real
  • You know that pile of books and articles I have collected about our kids condition? the ones you have never touched? Please read them
  • You could even do your own research - find out something and come talk to me about it over a coffee (you make the coffee too!)
  • One Saturday get up with the kids, get them ready and take them out for the morning leaving me to sleep for hours (I'd LOVE that)
  • You know when I talk to you about discipline approaches? Please listen. I'm not just making it up to annoy you - I have actually read that pile of books and articles
  • Next time I have an early night, surprise me by tidying the toys away, cleaning the kitchen and making the packed lunches for the next day
  • If you have done all that, then I would really like a Pandora necklace and an iPad 2!
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