You Can Never Have Too Many Teaspoons

While washing up today I started to think about the things in life that you just can't have enough of... one thing that came to mind was friends - but you know - you can have way too many friends. And the liklihood is that only a few of them are true friends anyway. Too many 'friends' just clutters up your life and makes it unnecessarily complicated. I've learnt some harsh lessons in the past year and I figure that you need to work out who you can really trust, who truly cares about you (and not what you can do for them) and who will actually love you in the good and the bad times. You can definitely have way too many 'friends' and you only really need a handful of true friends. My advice - find them and hold onto them. If they give up on you - they were never really true friends in the first place.

Now I am a girl - a fairly typical one - I like shoes, Jo Malone candles and beautiful things. But my experience of this has very much been defined and determined by my very modest bank balance and limited disposable income. So I figure you can never have too much money. Now before you all shoot me down with the cliches that money can't buy you happiness - maybe not - but it can flipping well help. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

Ladies, girls, hot chicks and yummy mummies listen up... here's a tip for free: never leave the house without a lip gloss. It is completely essential for that instant confidence boost, pick me up and hot chick look. Plus it prevents drying out - and let's face it, the chapped lip look just isn't attractive and is really very unpleasant when kissing. So I can say with confidence you can never have too many lip glosses.

You can never have too much music. This one goes without saying. Music transcends culture and language, it calms, it enriches, it lifts, it inspires, it motivates and it heals. Right, enough of the serious bit - basically music makes me smile, makes me want to dance and takes me back to a place or a person instantly. Music is a language of its own - allowing you to express emotions and desires that you wouldn't otherwise know how to express or maybe that you didn't even know you had. Thank you Mr Jobs for giving us the Ipod and allowing us to have almost limitless music storage. You can never have too much music.

So in my washing up session today I washed over 20 teaspoons and smiled at each and every one (the simple things eh?). It was the teaspoons that got me thinking about what's important to me in life - and I'd probably say that teaspoons are up there at the top of the list. So why is it that teaspoons are so in demand in my house? Is it just my house? For some reason they seem to disappear into the ether. I am beginning to think that there is some mysterious cutlery-sucking force that lives in my fire place and comes out to play at night. There's nothing more infuriating that making a cuppa and having to scoop out the teabag with a fork or the wrong end of a biro (or is that just me?). You can never have too many teaspoons.

So my life's happiness has been reduced to friends, money, lip gloss, music and teaspoons - I so rock!

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