A Right Royal Malarkey

I'm excited! Today has arrived. The kids are off school, the hubby is off work, the housework is on hold and an estimated 2 billion people will be pressing the pause button on their lives to watch history in the making as our very own Willy chops and Kate Middleton get married.

Now I have always had a slight affinity with Will as he was born on the same day as me - which I know sounds slightly ridiculous as every 365th person shares the same birthday. But I remember as a four year old that this royal baby had been born on MY birthday - and so I felt ever so slightly special. So there we are - Willy and I are on 'special mates' terms and as such I kind of feel like today my little brother is getting married.

What's with all the negative and to be frank, sometimes offensive status updates I keep seeing on facebook and twitter about the wedding?! I totally get that some people have no national pride. I totally get that some people aren't happy unless they are moaning about something. I totally get that some people have their own narrow-minded heads stuck up their bottoms. I also totally get that they will more than likely be the ones that grow old before their time surrounded by other like-minded negative people.

Ah I feel better now.

Yesterday Ben was invited to a Royal Wedding Breakfast at his school and asked to dress smartly. So he was packed off to school with his slightly too small suit and shirt and tie. Of course he had read the letter that said the smartest children would be picked to sit on the top table and he had his hopes up. As I sent him across the battle ground otherwise known as the playground I silently prayed that he would be picked and if he wasn't that he wouldn't be too devastated.

He was picked!! He was only the most important person on the top table (well second to the bride). His face was an absolute picture when he came home telling me that he was the bridegroom and had to wear a button hole and that he had to give a speech - brilliant. Happy and very proud mummy.

We are all set in our house with flags to wave, red and blue clothes to wear and even a red and blue themed picnic lunch to eat as we watch the wedding. The kids are excited, mummy is excited, daddy is going along with it all.

So anyway, I am very excited today. In the midst of a world full of turmoil, where the media is usually focused on devastation, debt and gossip, the nation is united (well apart from the miserable people) to watch Disney in motion as our very own Prince Charming marries his Princess.

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