I Love You to Pluto and Back

From the moment you were conceived you were my baby, my perfect God-given child. With every day that passed I loved you more. I held you that first day in wonder at your perfection, your tiny fingers, your fuzzy back, your dark blue eyes so alert as you suckled contentedly.

Today you constantly amaze me with your facts about planets, your love of knowledge, your capacity for new information. You make me smile with your witty comments and your blunt honesty about every day life. I love the way you view life - uncoloured by expectation, opinion or the unwritten rules of society.

You have taught me so much. You have taught me that life doesn't always turn out the way you thought it would, it turns out better. You have taught me to stop and enjoy the dandelions and slugs along the way.

You may find life difficult sometimes - that's ok
You may find it difficult to express your emotions like everyone else - that's ok
You may panic when you hear a loud noise or smell an unfamiliar smell - that's ok
You may not understand how to play like other kids - that's ok
You may not know when or how to talk appropiately to adults - that's ok
You may need reminding every day that you are not a grown-up - that's ok

It's ok to be you.

You are more than I could have ever asked for
You are my precious gift from God
You are a constant joy
You have been entrusted to me and I promise to do my best for you

You are my boy

I love the way you look to me for affirmation when you have done something good
I love that you hold and comfort your brother when he is hurt
I love how excited you get when you learn something new
I love that you find pleasure in the simplest of activities, so long as I am sharing them with you

I love you

I love you to pluto and back (that's further than the moon so I love you more)

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