Today when you come into my room at 5.30am I won't grunt and turn over instead I'll welcome you with a smile and a cuddle

Today I will make your favourite breakfast and let you eat as little or as much as you want

Today I won't get uptight when you run around the house when I am trying to get you dressed; I will run round with you

Today if you would rather play in your pajamas til lunch time I will stay in mine too. If the door bell goes we'll hide behind the sofa

Today I will close the door on the dishes in the kitchen and build a lego fortress with you

Today I will turn off the computer and put down the book and let you teach me about the solar system and photosynthesis

Today when you spray your monster spray on my drying washing, I won't get cross or moan at you, instead I'll pretend to be the monster so you can spray me instead

Today when you want something to do I won't suggest you go on your computer or watch TV, instead we'll go on a treasure hunt at the park

Today at the park I'll come on everything with you even if it means getting stuck in the tunnel

Today at the park I won't be embarrassed when you start to make strange loud noises just to hear the echoes in the tunnel. I know you just need the sensory feedback

Today I won't stop you incessantly drumming on the metal gate at the park just because I am worried that others might think you are odd

Today I won't let incidences like that remind me of your 'diagnosis', instead I will just see you - a little boy in need of acceptance and love

Today on the way back from the park I'll relax a little and let you stop to look at dandelions, slugs and ants as much as you like

Today we will bake my famous cookies and I won't try and take over; you can make as much mess with it as you like

Today I will let you jump on me, we'll play horses and you can make me jump over your cars and garage

Today we'll have a picnic dinner in the garden - and yes we can invite all of your cuddly friends and they can each have their own plate

Today I will run you an extra deep bath and let you have ridiculous amounts of bubbles

Today I won't get cross when I find bubbles down the toilet, in the sink and on the bathroom floor

Today You can have that extra story at bedtime and no you don't have to read it - I'll read it all to you

Today when you spend over an hour singing and talking to yourself in your bed I will come and join you

Today I will hold you in my arms as you drift off to sleep and I will whisper words of love into your ear and I promise not to stop stroking your back until you are safely in dreamland

Today I will cherish every smile, every cuddle, every memory, every moment


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