Don't Miss The Miracles

After a particularly hard morning I managed to get Ben off to school, and decided to get some much needed coffee therapy at our local shopping centre. I parked up, got Fin into his pushchair and as I walked past the little play area in the car park I noticed a crying child sat on the bench. There were three other mums with their children in that park who were clearly not with him, but acting like they hadn't even seen him. After looking round to see if any of the countless adults walking past that park could be his parents I went in to him to see what the problem was. He must have been around 4 years old and he was sobbing his little heart out.

Eventually through several attempts of gentle coaxing and reassuring I ascertained that he had wondered out of a shop away from his mum, out into the carpark to the park. But he was now scared and lonely and didn't know how to get back to his mum. I asked if I could help him find his mummy and together we went back inside and straight to customer services. Not one person questioned the fact that I was walking off with a crying four year old who was clearly not my own. After just one announcement on the loudspeaker a very upset and crying mum came running to collect him. My job was done.

I walked away from that customer services and sobbed - not just for the lost four year old or his mum, but for Ben or Fin. What if it had been one of my boys that had wandered away from me and found their way to the park? Three other mums had seen the whole scenario yet they did nothing. They did nothing to help the crying child and they did nothing to ensure that I wasn't going to take that child away. What would have happened to my precious boys if the wrong person had gone to the park to 'help'.

But then I realized something profound - I was wasting tears on a 'what if'. I was allowing my thoughts to go down the wrong track - tracks of worry and fear. Whilst all the time I was missing the miracle. The miracle that God had placed me there at the right time and the right place for that little boy.

Our days are full of moments where we have the opportunity to make a difference and be that miracle and that day was my turn. Who's miracle are you going to be today?

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