Is Christ another name for Santa?

In our family we take Christmas pretty seriously. I mean apart from the fact that I get lots of new clothes and handbags, it is the celebration of the birthday of this guy Jesus who is central to our faith.

Inspired by the question of a fellow tweeting mummy (@theboyandme) about how to explain Christmas to a toddler, I thought I’d ask Ben his thoughts to see how well I have done over the last 5 years…

‘Ben can you explain to me what Christmas is all about?’

Baited breath, silently praying he does me proud.

‘Well mum I think Christmas is about … hey you know what? I know that if you take the M A and S away from Christmas, you are left with Christ!’

I am seriously impressed at this point.

‘Wow Ben you are right – so what does Christ mean?’

‘Erm… Christian?’

Still impressed – he is only five after all.

‘Yep it’s like the word Christian. I’ll give you a clue, Christ is another name for a man that we know all about.’

‘Ohhh I know what you mean. So Christ is another name for Santa?’

Inwardly laugh and groan at the same time. But I maintain my encouraging expression.

‘Well that’s a great suggestion. But what about Jesus? Christmas is when we celebrate his birthday’

‘Oh mum – every time you ask about Jesus I think it is the trickiest thing ever. I definitely don’t want to talk about Jesus now or even until I die. At church they get me bored with talk about Jesus’

Hmm – me thinks I might need to call the interview to an end – you never know what will trigger a meltdown.

‘No problem Ben. I’ll leave you alone for a bit to play.’

Just as I am walking through the door, he shouts me back.

‘No mum – I’ve changed my mind. We have to let Jesus be part of Christmas otherwise there’d be no Christ and it would just be Mas. And I don’t want Mas presents or a Mas tree. So we really need Jesus a lot.

My child may have Aspergers but he is seriously going to change the world.

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