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My Unique Child

If you are reading this I am guessing you are either a parent of a special needs child, you know someone who is or you are interested in my journey and experiences. This is not a forum for me to give professional advice - I am no expert. I am simply a mum trying to do my very best with the cards that have been dealt to me.

I will post links to sites that can give you professional advice and I will post articles on specific subjects occasionally. But in general I will just share my thoughts and the lessons I have learnt and am still learning on my journey. This special needs parenting lark is hard - and if I can make you feel in any way that you are not alone, or if I can give you ideas or strategies for dealing with issues more effectively then I have succeeded in my goal.

You have a very privileged role as a special-needs parent. You are your child's advocate. If you don't fight for him, who will? If you don't speak up or him, who will? If you don't cherish him, nurture him and love him - who will? It's no coincidence that you and your child are doing life together... you are the best person for the job of looking after him - no one else has the unique blend of personality, patience and skills that fit your child's needs quite like you do.

It's not an easy road; it has many twists and turns; ups and downs - but you will experience moments of pure joy on that journey. As you travel down the road of special needs parenting you will go through storms and get stuck in pot holes but you will also experience rainbows, pick wild flowers and see stunning sunsets. Only a select few parents are asked to go on this journey - what a privilege. So strap up, hold on tight, surround yourself with good friends and skilled professionals, take a big breath and lets go.


Choose Your Battles

Ok so we have all heard the idiom 'choose your battles' - it seems to be the mantra of modern parenting. But I figure that 'choose your battles' is not as straight forward as it sounds. Read more

What Women Want

Alright, what special needs mums want.

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Welcome To Holland

Parenting a special needs child

I am often asked to describe the experience of raising a child with a disability - to try to help people who have not shared that unique experience to understand it, to imagine how it would feel. It's like this...

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Kids Say The Funniest Things

Waiting to pay for my shopping one very busy Saturday afternoon, I realised Ben was mid-conversation with the rather young and innocent looking cashier. She was coping rather well with Ben's incessant chit chat - which I presumed was about dinosaurs or planets. Read more

Keys To Contentment

(or at least feeling vaguely content for some of the time)

Love What You Have
Don't you just hate it when you are talking to someone and they are continually looking over your shoulder to see who else they can talk to or what else they could be doing? Read more

Before I Go To Sleep...

Mommy, don't you cry now and Daddy don't you weep.

I want to whisper something before I go to sleep.

I know that when I came here I looked perfect in every way.

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